The official currency in Serbia is the Serbian Dinar - RSD. The exchange rate is around 118 dinars for 1 €, 105 dinars for 1 $ and 137 dinars for one £ (Actual Official Exchange Rate - National Bank of Serbia). Exchange offices are distributed throughout the city (look for the sign at the right). Rates don't vary considerably from place to place (except at the airport and the bus station, where they are somewhat unfavorable), and you will not be charged commission for exchanging money.

The Serbian currency comes in the following denominations:

  • Bills: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 5000 dinars
  • Coins: 1 dinar, 2 dinars, 5 dinars, 10 dinars, and 20 dinars

Declaring money upon arrival

A limit of 10,000 euro exists on the amount of money you can take out of the country. If you are bringing in a larger amount than this and plan not to spend it all and exit the country with more than 10,000 euro you will have to declare it upon your arrival to the customs officials. You will obtain a declaration form which you must present at your departure. Failure to comply may result in the confiscation of all funds at departure.

Using cards in Serbia

There are plenty of ATMs in Belgrade and Serbia which you can use to withdraw money 24 hours a day with your card if your card has any of these signs: Visa, Visa Electron, Plus, MasterCard, Eurocard, Maestro, Cirrus. You may also get a cash advance in the nearest bank during business hours. Cards are generally accepted in shops (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Eurocard, Maestro, American Express). If you run out of cash and there are no ATMs or banks around, your best bet is to go to the nearest post office.
PAY ATTENTION: Bank accounts of Diners Club in Serbia have been frozen because the company owes 420 million dinars. Hereof stores and supermarkets are refusing to take Diners card as a form of payment.

Emergency numbers for cardholders:

  • Visa: +381 11 301-15-50
  • MasterCard: +381 11 301-01-60
  • American Express: +381 11 201-66-11

Traveler's Checks

Although Serbia is still in good part a cash economy, you will be able to exchange your traveler's checks in most banks. American Express, Thomas Cook, VISA, and Eurocheques can be exchanged in most banks. If you are having difficulty finding a place to exchange them, head to any of the many banks around the city. Note that traveler's checks can not be used in shops.