Malls, Shopping Areas, Souvenirs, Gifts, Concept Stores....

Shopping Malls

Ušće, close to Meeting Venue
Delta City, a little further 
Rajićeva, city center  
Stadion, with the stadion on the roof  
Big Fashion, far from center 

Shopping Areas

Knez Mihailova street and the surroundings
Including City Passage  and Millennium  shopping centers
Decked out with all the usual shops, where you can find all the well-known Serbian and global brands. This pedestrian zone is one of the best looking streets in Belgrade with many XIX century buildings and the perfect place to go shopping. 
Kralja Milana Street 
International and local brands can be found along a kilometer and a half long stretch of stores. Exclusiveness falls as you get closer to Slavija square but so do the prices.
Bilevar kralja Aleksandra 
One of the principal shopping areas is situated on Kralja Aleksandra. At 5 miles (8.2 kilometers), this is the longest street in the capital. Within its many shops, you will find just about everything you can imagine, including expensive designer goods, shoes, religious art, quirky souvenirs and clothes at bargain prices. 

Ready to wear clothing – Serbian brands

MONA - This fashion house produces men’s and women’s clothing, leather and textiles, as well as a large range of leather accessories
IVKO - Specialized in designing and creating high class woven and knitted garments combining exceptional craftsmanship with state of the art knitting technology
LUNA - Luna fashion house designs clothes only for woman. Creations are so effeminate that when you dress these, you will feel like you are princess of modern time
P….S…. fashion - Engaged in the production of garments, accessories and women’s jewelry for urban and modern women
LEGEND – WORLD WIDE -  casual clothing and jeans
AMC    Modna kuća Balasević    Elipsa    Katrin

Gifts & Souvenirs

MAA Art 
Museum of Applied Art shop with copies of Serbian medieval jewellery and Pectoral icons, copies of 17th century block woodcuts, silk scarves with printed folk motifs, as well collections of art pieces in textile, ceramics , glass and various other materials by contemporary Serbian designers.
Belgrade Window
The Belgrade Window is diverse and complex facility comprised of a souvenir shop, two bookstores, a ticket service and a café. Here you can buy unique and practical souvenirs, made in line with original ideas of designers and artists inspired by the motifs of Belgrade, as well as by relevant happenings and cultural events in the city. Publications on Belgrade, as well as the ones published by the Centre, can also be found here. 
Homemade Bazar 
Just across the Belgrade Window, a bazaar with local souvenirs, gifts, jewelry, clothes ....
Souvenir Stands    
There’s no shame in picking up some local kitsch at a souvenir stand, especially if you have an awesome collection of refrigerator magnets or spoons from your travels. Most of them are along Knez Mihailova Street and in Kalemegdan Park.
Tourist information centre 

What to buy as Present from Belgrade?
10 Weird and Wonderful Souvenirs You Can Only Buy in Serbia

Concept Stores 

Aims at promoting products HANDMADE IN SERBIA. Within Makadam is a bistro, with a beautiful summer terrasse, which serves local wines, rakija, beers and other delicatessen
a place for everyone, place where you go for a shopping, to catch some ideas, but as well - for delicious food and a quality drink