Belgrade is located on the crossing of three European EuroVelo cycling routes – EuroVelo 6,  EuroVelo 11 and EuroVelo 13. Routes are very well marked throughout the Serbia.

However, the old town in Belgrade is not too bicycle friendly. There are about 65 kilometers of bicycle paths in the city at the moment, but mostly in New Belgrade (including the surroundings of Sava Center) and the recreation zones. Same precaution as the above is advised: be cautious with the wild traffic!

Eurovelo 6 through Serbia has three categories of route:

  • Mainroute– the most beautiful and peaceful, but also includes unpaved and packed earth stretches along river embankments
  • Alternative routes– always on paved roads, a way to avoid unpaved stretches on the main route
  • Detours– recommended for those who have the time and inclination to stray from the Danube     Bike map - Serbia